5 Best Tips

for Happy & Stress-free Wedding Planning

Keep a gratitude list. Once you start looking for the people who are helpful, you will be amazed at the network of support you have for every step of your planning.


Say a sincere thank you to everyone who helps you. Start a gratitude list, and make a point to thank each person along the way who helps you.


Look for the good in every situation, even when your plans go awry. Always look for the triumvirate of blessings:  seek out the good, the gold, and God.


Find joy and humor in the process of creating your wedding. Keep smiling, and find ways to laugh, love yourself, and have fun during this special time.


Interview and select your officiating Celebrant. Email or call me if I can help you create a meaningful, personal and unique ceremony.


Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

If you just got engaged, congratulations! This can be one of the happiest, most loving experiences of your life. But it can also be stressful! Before you start planning the million details that will be part of your wedding, let’s take a moment to get grounded in the practices that will help you be ‘stress-free!”


There are countless guides and unending advice for planning your wedding. My suggestions are not about venue, colors, guests lists, or menu. They are about your attitude and your joy through this process.

Below are my FIVE BEST TIPS for being happy and stress-free while making your wedding plans.

holly marion wedding ceremony officiant

“We had a very traditional Scottish service, with Irish and American elements, at Castle McCulloch. I am from Scotland and married an Irish American, and we could not have had a more interesting, entertaining, heartfelt, or organized ceremony. Holly took time to get to know us so that the service could be personal and formal at the same time.”

—  Catriona & Bradley Dunphy

The Process is Easy

Here's Holly's process and what to expect when working with her:

Making the Decision

  • Contact me to let me know the date of your wedding and your interest in knowing more.
  • I’ll respond within 24 hours with my availability, guidelines, and fees.
  • If you’re interested in meeting with me, we’ll schedule time after work or on a weekend to meet. This meeting with both the bride and the groom will be no-obligation. I’ll ask you some get-to-know-you questions, and you can ask me the same. I’ll bring a contract to this meeting.
  • You can take my contract home and think it over. If you decide you want me to conduct your ceremony, sign the contact and return it to me with a deposit. This holds your date.

Crafting Your Ceremony

  • After you reserve your date, we will schedule a more in-depth meeting in which I will ask you about your life, your relationship, how you met, how you proposed, what your goals and dreams are, and more.
  • Then, I go back and start writing your ceremony. This takes a couple of weeks.
  • I’ll send you the first draft for your review and input.
  • You’ll return any edits or changes to me no later than two weeks prior to the wedding.

The Wedding

  • While the ceremony is being crafted, you need to obtain your Marriage License from the Register of Deeds in your county.
  • I’ll conduct the rehearsal, the wedding ceremony, work with the musicians to set our cues, and any other details you may need my help with.
  • I’ll sign the license and get the necessary signatures of your witnesses, then mail it to the Register of Deeds in the county in which you obtained it. I confirm they have received it, and it will be permanently filed in your county records office. You will then be able to get a certified copy for name changes and other needs.

"Holly not only created a unique ceremony but helped give thoughtful consideration to other details for our special day - including coordinating with our DJ and musicians for musical cues."

—  Kim & Ryan Bailey

holly marion ordained officiant

Ready to meet Holly?

Request a no-obligation meeting with Holly, to see if she is the right officiant for your wedding or other ceremony.